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IAtomiaBillingApi Interface

Atomia billing API contract.

Namespace:  Atomia.Billing.Core.Sdk
Assembly:  Atomia.Billing.Core.Sdk (in Atomia.Billing.Core.Sdk.dll) Version: 18.10.7096.28998
public interface IAtomiaBillingApi

The IAtomiaBillingApi type exposes the following members.

Public methodActivateItem
Activates the item.
Public methodAddAccountDetails
Adds account details.
Public methodAddBillingReport
Adds the billing report.
Public methodAddCampaign
Add new campaign
Public methodAddMailingList
Adds the mailing list.
Public methodAddPackageConfiguration
Adds the package configuration.
Public methodAddPaymentProfile
Adds the payment profile.
Public methodAddProvisioningPackage
Adds provisioning package which exists in provisioning description.
Public methodAddProvisioningService
Adds provisioning service which exists in provisioning description.
Public methodAddReportDataSource
Adds the report data source.
Public methodAddShopItem
Adds the shop item to existing shop.
Public methodAddShopItemCategory
Adds the shop item category.
Public methodAddTaxProfile
Adds the tax profile.
Public methodAddTemplate
Adds the template for the specified user and related to specific language.
Public methodAllowRole
Allows the role to access operation operationName.
Public methodAllowUser
Allows the user to access operation operationName.
Public methodBindPayFileRecordToInvoice
Binds the pay file record to invoice.
Public methodBindSubscriptionsToInvoice
Binds the subscriptions to invoice.
Public methodBulkPrintAndSendInvoices
Creates BulkSendJob for printing and sending selected invoices.
Public methodBulkPrintInvoices
Creates BulkSendJob for printing selected invoices.
Public methodBulkPrintInvoicesSynchronous
Creates BulkSendJob for printing selected invoices.
Public methodBulkSendInvoices
Creates BulkSendJob for sending selected invoices.
Public methodBulkSendInvoicesSynchronous
Creates BulkSendJob for sending selected invoices.
Public methodCalculateCreditedInvoiceTotals
Calculates the credited invoice totals.
Public methodCalculateTotals
Calculates the order totals.
Public methodCampaignPromoCodesBulkDelete
Delete multiple campaign promo codes in one call
Public methodCanCreateAccount
Checks if customer can create new account.
Public methodChangeAccountStatus
Changes status of accounts.
Public methodChangeOrderStatus
Changes the orders statuses.
Public methodChangeRefundStatus
Change status of refunds.
Public methodChangeSubscriptionProduct
Changes the subscription product.
Public methodChangeSubscriptionStatus
Changes the subscription status.
Public methodChangeTasksToRunStatus
Changes tasks status to new status.
Public methodCheckDomains
Gets domains statuses from existing orders.
Public methodCheckDomainsForTransfer
Gets transferred domains statuses from existing subscriptions.
Public methodCheckEmail
Checks if email exists in system.
Public methodCheckInvoiceOrder
Checks the invoice sending order.
Public methodCheckInvoiceSendingOrder
Fires OnInvoiceSend event to check invoice sending order.
Public methodCountSubscriptionsByType
Counts subscriptions of specified type for customer.
Public methodCountSubscriptionsByTypesAndStatuses
Counts subscriptions of specified types and states for customer.
Public methodCreateClonedShop
Creates cloned shop.
Public methodCreateCreditedInvoice
Persists the credited invoice.
Public methodCreateCreditedInvoiceFromInvoice
Creates the credited invoice from invoice.
Public methodCreateCurrency
Creates the currency.
Public methodCreateCustomer
Creates the customer.
Public methodCreateInvoice
Creates the invoice.
Public methodCreateInvoiceFromOrder
Creates the invoice from order.
Public methodCreateItem
Creates the item.
Public methodCreateJob
Persists bulk job.
Public methodCreateMessage
Creates the message.
Public methodCreateOrder
Creates the order.
Public methodCreatePartiallyCreditedInvoice
Partially credits invoice.
Public methodCreatePartialRefundFromPaymentId
Creates the partial refund from payment identifier.
Public methodCreatePartialRefundFromPaymentIdChangeStatus
Creates the partial refund from payment identifier.
Public methodCreatePayment
Creates the payments.
Public methodCreatePluginConfiguration
Creates the plugin configuration.
Public methodCreatePrepaidCreditRecords
Creates the prepaid credit record.
Public methodCreateRefund
Create refund.
Public methodCreateRefundFromCreditedInvoice
Creates the refund from a credited invoice.
Public methodCreateRefundFromPaymentId
Refund payment and optionally create a credit invoice.
Public methodCreateRefundFromPaymentIdChangeStatus
Refund payment and optionally create a credit invoice.
Public methodCreateSchedule
Creates the scheduled task.
Public methodCreateShop
Creates the shop.
Public methodCreateSubscription
Creates the subscription.
Public methodCreateSubscriptions
Creates multiple subscriptions in one transaction.
Public methodCreateTerminateAccountRequests
Schedules account termination for customers.
Public methodCreateUpgradeGroup
Creates the upgrade/downgrade group.
Public methodCreateUpgradeInvoice
Creates the upgrade invoice.
Public methodCreateUpgradeOrder
Creates the upgrade order.
Public methodDeactivateItem
Deactivates the item.
Public methodDeleteAzureMarkups
Deletes Azure markups from database
Public methodDeleteBillingReport
Deletes the billing report.
Public methodDeleteCampaign
Delete single campaign
Public methodDeleteCampaignsBulk
Delete multiple campaigns in one call
Public methodDeleteInvoice
Deletes the invoice.
Public methodDeletePackageConfiguration
Deletes package configuration from billing.
Public methodDeletePayment
Deletes a payment.
Public methodDeletePaymentProfile
Deletes the payment profile.
Public methodDeletePluginConfiguration
Deletes the plugin configuration.
Public methodDeleteProvisioningPackage
Deletes provisioning package from billing.
Public methodDeleteProvisioningService
Deletes provisioning service from billing.
Public methodDeleteReportArchiveBulk
Deletes report archives.
Public methodDeleteReportDataSource
Deletes the report data source.
Public methodDeleteScheduledTask
Deletes a scheduled task.
Public methodDeleteShop
Deletes the shop.
Public methodDeleteShopItem
Deletes existing shop item.
Public methodDeleteShopItemCategory
Deletes shop item category.
Public methodDeleteTaxProfile
Deletes the tax profile.
Public methodDeleteTemplate
Deletes the template with the specified id.
Public methodDeleteUpgradeGroup
Deletes the upgrade/downgrade group.
Public methodDenyRole
Denies the role to access operation operationName.
Public methodDenyUser
Denies the user to access operation operationName.
Public methodDisablePlugin
Disables the plugin
Public methodDowngradeSubscription
Downgrades the subscription.
Public methodDowngradeSubscriptionToCheapestPackage
Downgrades the subscription to the cheapest package available.
Public methodEcho
Echoes the specified message.
Public methodEnablePlugin
Enables the plugin
Public methodExportReportData
Exports the report data.
Public methodExtendSubscription
Extends the subscription.
Public methodFindShopItem
Returns the shop item for given article number.
Public methodFinishPayment
Finishes the payment by closing appropriate transactions, marking invoices as paid...
Public methodFlushItemsCache
Flushes the items cache.
Public methodGetAccount
Gets the account data for the currently signed in user.
Public methodGetAccountById
Gets the account by id.
Public methodGetAccountByName
Gets the account by name.
Public methodGetAccountDefaultCurrency
Gets the account default currency.
Public methodGetAccountDetails
Gets the account details for account specified with its id.
Public methodGetAccountDetailsByHash
Gets the account details by hash.
Public methodGetAccountDetailsForAccounts
Gets the account details for the accounts specified in the account ids array.
Public methodGetAccountForUser
Gets the account for user.
Public methodGetAccountForUserWithDetails
Gets the account to which user with the specified username belongs and fills user's details.
Public methodGetAccountsAllowedStatuses
For each given account id, gets a list of status to which that account can be transferred.
Public methodGetActiveCurrencies
Gets the active currencies.
Public methodGetActiveShopByNameForReseller
Gets the active shop by name for reseller.
Public methodGetAddressInfo
Gets the address of an entity defined by an identifier (e.g. social security number).
Public methodGetAllowedObjects
Gets the allowed objects.
Public methodGetAllowedOperationsRole
Gets the allowed operations for role.
Public methodGetAllowedOperationsUser
Gets the allowed operations for user.
Public methodGetAllPaymentMethods
Gets all available payment methods in an environment.
Public methodGetAllUpgradeGroups
Gets all upgrade groups.
Public methodGetAttachment
Gets the attachment for specific account by attachment id.
Public methodGetAvailableInvoiceVias
Retrieves the possible strings allowed in the ReceiveInvoiceVia property of the AccountDetails class.
Public methodGetAvailableItems
Gets the available items from all the parent resellers.
Public methodGetAvailablePaymentMethods
Gets the available payment methods.
Public methodGetAvailableTaxRules
Gets the available tax rules plugins.
Public methodGetAzurePriceList
Gets resellers azure price list
Public methodGetAzurePriceListFilters
Returns categories, subcategories and regions for search filters on Azure price list page
Public methodGetAzureUsageForInvoicing
Get the Azure's current usage billing cost in the form of an invoice. Invoice is not created really, it is just an object in memory
Public methodGetBillingReportById
Gets the billing report by identifier.
Public methodGetBulkSendJobById
Gets the bulk send job by id.
Public methodGetBulkSendStatusByExternalId
Gets bulk send status by external id.
Public methodGetBulkSendStatusById
Get bulk send status by id.
Public methodGetBulkSendStatusesByExternalId
Gets bulk send statuses by external id.
Public methodGetCampaignById
Gets the campaign by its Id
Public methodGetCampaigns
Gets the campaigns.
Public methodGetContacts
Lists all contacts for account.
Public methodGetCounterTypesWithPrices
Gets counter types for given article numbers with prices for specified customer.
Public methodGetCountries
Gets all countries.
Public methodGetCreditedElectronicInvoice
Gets the credited electronic invoice.
Public methodGetCreditedInvoiceById
Gets the credited invoice by id.
Public methodGetCreditedInvoiceByNo
Gets the credited invoice by number.
Public methodGetCreditedInvoices
Gets the credited invoices.
Public methodGetCreditedInvoicesOfInvoice
Gets the credited invoices of invoice.
Public methodGetCurrencies
Gets the currencies.
Public methodGetCurrency
Gets the currency by its id.
Public methodGetCurrencyByCode
Gets the currency by code.
Public methodGetCustomerPackagesByEmail
Gets the customer packages by customer email.
Public methodGetCustomerReminder
Gets the customer reminder.
Public methodGetDefaultPaymentMethod
Gets the default payment method for given account.
Public methodGetDefaultShopForReseller
Gets the default shop for reseller.
Public methodGetDefaultShopProducts
Gets the shop products.
Public methodGetDomainsRegStatusLocal
Gets the domain registration Local status.
Public methodGetDomainTransferStatus
Gets the domain transfer status.
Public methodGetElectronicInvoice
Gets the electronic invoice.
Public methodGetExecutingMethods
Get currently executing methods and scheduled tasks.
Public methodGetFinancialObligation
Returns object that encapsulates data needed to print financial obligation notice.
Public methodGetFinancialRecords
Gets the financial records: Payments or Refunds.
Public methodGetInvoiceById
Gets the invoice by id.
Public methodGetInvoiceByNo
Gets the invoice by its number for account specified with username.
Public methodGetInvoiceOverview
Gets the invoice overview.
Public methodGetInvoices
Gets the invoices.
Public methodGetItem
Gets the item by id.
Public methodGetItemByArticleNumber
Gets the item by article number.
Public methodGetItemCategories
Gets the item categories.
Public methodGetItemDetails
Gets the item details.
Public methodGetItems
Gets the items.
Public methodGetItemsByArticleNumber
Gets the items by their article numbers for specified customer.
Public methodGetItemsByIdsAndLanguage
Gets the items by ids for language with the given ISO code.
Public methodGetItemsByProvisioningService
Gets the items by provisioning service.
Public methodGetItemsCacheFlushTime
Gets the items cache flush time.
Public methodGetItemsForCurrency
List items which have defined prices for given currency and disjunctions/conjunctions condition. If currency is not set then list items regards to disjunctions/conjunctions condition only.
Public methodGetItemsForPublicOrder
Gets the items for public order.
Public methodGetLanguageByCode
Gets the language by code.
Public methodGetMailingListById
Gets the mailing list by id.
Public methodGetMailingListByName
Gets the mailing list by its name.
Public methodGetMailingListSubscription
Gets the mailing list subscription.
Public methodGetMainSubscription
Gets main subscription of given account or null if subscription is not found.
Public methodGetMaximumRenewalPeriod
Gets the maximum renewal period.
Public methodGetMessageById
Gets the message by identifier.
Public methodGetMultiInstancePerformanceCounterAverage
Returns the average value of a multi instance performance counter.
Public methodGetNextInvoiceReminder
Gets the next invoice reminder.
Public methodGetNextPostpaidInvoiceDate
Gets next invoice date for customer.
Public methodGetNextWorkingDay
Gets the next working day from date.
Public methodGetNumTasksPossibleToUpdate
Gets the number of tasks that can be updated (approved).
Public methodGetOrderById
Gets the order by id.
Public methodGetOrderByInvoiceNumber Obsolete.
Gets the order by invoice number.
Public methodGetOrderByNumber
Gets the order by number.
Public methodGetOrders
Gets the orders.
Public methodGetOrdersByInvoiceNumber
Gets the orders by invoice number.
Public methodGetOrderStatus
Gets the order status of an order.
Public methodGetOrderStatusPriorities
Gets the priority of the order statuses. This priority indicates the precedence of the per-item order statuses for orders containing multiple items where some have different status. Example: An order contains one item with PlacementOK and one with ManualReviewWanted and this method returns ManualReviewWanted as higher priority than PlacementOK. This scenario means that the entire order initially will get the status ManualReviewWanted.
Public methodGetPackageConfiguration
Gets the package configuration.
Public methodGetPackageSubscriptions
Gets the package subscriptions for customer.
Public methodGetPaidAmount
Gets the paid amount for invoice for a given number and username.
Public methodGetPayFileRecordById
Gets the pay file record by identifier.
Public methodGetPaymentById
Gets the payment by id.
Public methodGetPaymentDiagnostics
Gets the payment diagnostics.
Public methodGetPaymentMatchResult
Gets the payment match result.
Public methodGetPaymentMethodById
Gets the payment method by given ID.
Public methodGetPaymentMethods
Gets the available payment methods for given account.
Public methodGetPaymentOverview
Gets the payment overview for an account.
Public methodGetPaymentProfiles
Gets the payment profiles.
Public methodGetPaymentRuleResult
Applies the payment rule associated to the logged in account and gets the payment rule result.
Public methodGetPayments
Gets the payment invoices joined with the payments and invoices.
Public methodGetPaymentTransactionById
Gets the payment transaction by id.
Public methodGetPaymentTransactionByInitialId
Gets the payment transaction by initial identifier.
Public methodGetPaymentTransactionsByIds
Gets the payment transactions by ids.
Public methodGetPendingTerminationRequest
Gets pending termination request for customer with given account id.
Public methodGetPerformanceCategories
Get all available categories
Public methodGetPerformanceCounter
Returns the value of the performance counter.
Public methodGetPerformanceCounterInstance
Returns the value of the performance counter instance.
Public methodGetPerformanceLog
Retrieves data from the performance log.
Public methodGetPluginByConfigurationId
Gets a plugin by configuration id.
Public methodGetPluginById
Gets a plugin by id.
Public methodGetPluginConfigurationById
Gets the plugin configuration by id.
Public methodGetPluginConfigurationByKey
Gets the plugin configuration by key for reseller and plugin with specified name.
Public methodGetPluginConfigurationSchema
Gets a plugin configuration schema by plugin id.
Public methodGetPossibleStateRules
Gets all possible states.
Public methodGetPossibleStates
Gets the possible states.
Public methodGetPrepaidCreditAmountForAccount
Gets the prepaid credit amount for account.
Public methodGetPrepaidCreditBalance
Gets the prepaid credit balance for account.
Public methodGetPrepaidCreditRecordById
Gets the prepaid credit record by id.
Public methodGetPrepaidCreditRecords
Gets the prepaid credit records joined with the invoices.
Public methodGetPrepaidCreditsRelatedToPayment
Gets the prepaid credits related to payment.
Public methodGetPriceListOwnerId Obsolete.
Gets the price list owner id.
Public methodGetPriceListOwners
Gets the price list owner id.
Public methodGetPromoCodes
Gets promo codes for campaign or promo code set
Public methodGetProvisioningActionsForSubscriptions
Get provisioning actions for subscriptions
Public methodGetProvisioningPackage
Gets the provisioning package.
Public methodGetProvisioningService
Gets the provisioning service.
Public methodGetProvisioningServices
Gets the available provisioning services.
Public methodGetReceiptInfo
Gets the receipt info.
Public methodGetRefundablePayments
Get payments that have not yet been refunded for specified invoice
Public methodGetRefundById
Gets the refund by id.
Public methodGetRefundedPayments
Gets payments that are associated with refunds
Public methodGetRefundOverview
Gets the refund overview for an account.
Public methodGetRemainingRenewalPeriod
Gets the remaining renewal period.
Public methodGetReportArchiveById
Gets the report archive by id.
Public methodGetReportById
Gets the report by id.
Public methodGetReportData
Gets the report data.
Public methodGetReportDataSourceById
Gets the report data source by identifier.
Public methodGetResellerCommissionSummary
Gets the reseller commission summary.
Public methodGetSearchableObjects
Gets searchable objects.
Public methodGetSetting
Gets the setting value using the name of the setting.
Public methodGetShopById
Gets the shop by identifier.
Public methodGetShopDetailsById
Gets only shop details by identifier.
Public methodGetShopItemCategoryById
Gets the shop item category by identifier.
Public methodGetShopProducts
Gets the shop products.
Public methodGetSubresellerAccounts
Gets all subreseller accounts.
Public methodGetSubscriptionByFriendlyId Obsolete.
Gets the subscription by friendly id.
Public methodGetSubscriptionById
Gets the subscription by id.
Public methodGetSubscriptions
Gets the subscriptions.
Public methodGetSubscriptionsByFriendlyId Obsolete.
Gets the subscriptions by friendly identifier.
Public methodGetSubscriptionsByIdsAndLanguage
Gets the subscriptions by ids for the language with the given ISO code.
Public methodGetSubscriptionsForCustomer
Gets the subscriptions for customer.
Public methodGetSubscriptionsForRenewalPeriod
Gets the subscriptions for renewal period.
Public methodGetSummaryUsageReport
Gets summary usage report for given customer id for period of time.
Public methodGetTasksToRunOverview
Gets an overview of all tasks to run in the system.
Public methodGetTaxResult Obsolete.
Gets the tax result.
Public methodGetTaxRuleResult
Gets the tax rule result.
Public methodGetTaxRuleResultBulk
Gets the tax rule results for items.
Public methodGetTemplate
Gets the template by its name.
Public methodGetTemplates
Gets the templates for account specified with its id.
Public methodGetTemplatesForExport
Get templates for export.
Public methodGetTemplatesForExportByReseller
Gets templates for export by reseller.
Public methodGetThemeCustomization
Gets the theme customization.
Public methodGetUnsubscribeHashData
Gets the unsubscribe hash data.
Public methodGetUpgradeGroup
Gets the upgrade group by id.
Public methodGetUpgradeGroups
Gets the upgrade groups containing item (identified by id).
Public methodGetUpgradeOptions
Gets the upgrade options for subscription.
Public methodGetUsageReport
Gets usage report for given customer id for period of time.
Public methodGetUsageReportSubscription
Gets usage report for given customer id for period of time and subscription.
Public methodGetVersionInfo
Gets current version info.
Public methodHasUnpaidInvoices
Checks if customer has unpaid invoices.
Public methodHeartBeat
Raises heart beat event.
Public methodInvoiceExists
Checks if invoice exists.
Public methodIsAnyCampaignWithCodeActive
Checks if any campaign with code in the system is active.
Public methodIsOverMaxDebt
Determines whether customer is over maximum debt.
Public methodIsPaymentPossible
Determines whether payment for given invoice is possible.
Public methodIsPendingTermination
Checks if customer's account is pending termination.
Public methodIsPendingTerminationBulk
Checks whether customer accounts are pending termination.
Public methodIsPossibleState
Determines whether [is possible state] [the specified current state].
Public methodIsPossibleToReactivate
Checks if reactivation is possible for customers with given ids.
Public methodIsQtyChangePossible
Check if quantity can be changed
Public methodIsSubscriptionTerminationPossible
Determines whether [is subscription termination possible] [the specified subscription id].
Public methodIsUpgradeableOrDowngradeable
Checks if subscriptions are upgradeable or downgradeable.
Public methodListAzureMarkupsForItem
List all azure markups for item
Public methodListBillingReports
Lists the billing reports.
Public methodListBulkSendStatusesForCustomer
List bulk send statuses for customer
Public methodListInvoicesForAutocredit
Gets the invoices for autocredit.
Public methodListItemsForReseller
Lists items with prices for specified reseller.
Public methodListItemsWithDetails Obsolete.
Lists the items with details.
Public methodListLanguages
Lists the languages.
Public methodListLogins
Gets the logins for the account specified with id.
Public methodListMailingLists
Lists the mailing lists.
Public methodListMessages
Lists the messages.
Public methodListMessagesByCustomer
Lists the messages by customer id.
Public methodListMessagesByUserAndLanguage
Lists the messages by customer id, language id and username. If username is specified, method will list only unread messages, otherwise it will list all the messages.
Public methodListOperations
Lists the operations available in the API.
Public methodListPackageConfigurations
Lists the package configurations.
Public methodListPayFileRecords
Lists the pay file records.
Public methodListPendingSubscriptionTerminationRequests
Lists the pending subscription termination requests.
Public methodListPlugins
Get list of plugins.
Public methodListProvisioningPackages
Lists the provisioning packages.
Public methodListProvisioningServices
Lists the provisioning services.
Public methodListReportDataSources
Lists the report data sources.
Public methodListResellersWithCustomPrices
Lists the resellers with custom prices.
Public methodListResourceLocations
Lists the resource locations.
Public methodListShopItemCategories
Lists the shop item categories.
Public methodListShopsByReseller
Lists the shops by reseller.
Public methodListTerminationOrigins
Lists all possible origins of termination requests.
Public methodListUnpaidInvoices
Lists unpaid invoices that should be paid before termination.
Public methodMakeOrder
Creates the order with small set of data - only item ids and quantities.
Public methodMakeOrderWithLoginToken
Creates the order with small set of data - only item ids and quantities and creates a one time login token.
Public methodMakePayment
Makes the payment by creating transaction on the payment gateway.
Public methodMarkMessageAsRead
Marks the message as read.
Public methodParsePaymentFile
Queries all plugins and parses payment file if there is plugin for that type.
Public methodParsePaymentFileForReseller
Queries all plugins and parses payment file if there is plugin for that type.
Public methodPreviewTemplate
Previews a template.
Public methodPrintCreditedInvoices Obsolete.
Prints the credited invoices.
Public methodPrintCreditedInvoicesWithPrintOption
Prints the credited invoices.
Public methodPrintInvoices Obsolete.
Prints the invoices to file.
Public methodPrintInvoicesWithPrintOption
Prints the invoices to file.
Public methodPrintReceiptsWithPrintOption
Prints the receipts to file.
Public methodProcessOrder
Processes the order.
Public methodProcessPayFileRecords
Processes the pay file records.
Public methodProcessPublicOrder
Processes the public order.
Public methodPromoCodesGenerator
Generate promo codes for campaign and promo code set, base on campaignCodesGeneratorSettings
Public methodProvisionSubscription
Provisions the subscription.
Public methodProvisionSubscriptions
Provisions all subscriptions pending provisioning. Called periodically from Atomia.Billing.Core.Plugins.Handlers.ProvisioningScheduledEventHandler.
Public methodProvisionSubscriptionsWithStateFilter
Provisions all subscriptions pending provisioning. Called periodically from Atomia.Billing.Core.Plugins.Handlers.ProvisioningScheduledEventHandler.
Public methodReactivateAccounts
Reactivates accounts.
Public methodRefundCreditsForDiscountedInvoice
Public methodRenderReport
Renders the report.
Public methodRenderReportArchive
Renders report from archive.
Public methodRenderTemplates
Renders the templates. Names of the templates to be rendered are given as values of the templates dictionary.
Public methodResellerAddExtraUsernameAccount
Adds an entry to the login table.
Public methodResellerCheckEmail
Checks if email exists in system.
Public methodResellerCreateCustomer
Creates the customer.
Public methodResellerCreatetOneTimeLoginToken
Creates a one time login token for the user.
Public methodResellerGetAccountForUser
Gets the account for user.
Public methodResellerGetAccountForUserWithDetails
Gets the account to which user with the specified username belongs and fills user's details.
Public methodResellerGetAccountWithDetails
Gets the account to which user with the specified username belongs and fills user's details.
Public methodResellerGetCustomerPackagesByEmail
Gets the customer packages by customer email.
Public methodResellerGetExtraUsernameAccounts
Lists all logins for the username where the IsOwnAccount is set to false.
Public methodResellerGetInvoiceByNo
Gets the invoice by its number for account specified with username.
Public methodResellerGetPaidAmount
Gets the paid amount for invoice for a given number and username.
Public methodResellerHasExtraUsernameAccount
Checks if the account id is an extra account for the username.
Public methodResellerRemoveExtraUsernameAccount
Removes an entry from the login table.
Public methodResellerSearchManagableAccounts
Searches in sub accounts (only one level) and extra accounts.
Public methodResetProvisioningStatus
Resets the provisioning status.
Public methodSaveAzureMarkups
Saves azure murkup data to database
Public methodSaveReportToArchive
Saves report to archive.
Public methodSearch
Searches system for specified search string and returns results.
Public methodSearchAccountDetails
Searches the account details.
Public methodSearchBulkSendStatuses
Search bulk send statuses.
Public methodSearchPerformanceLog
Searches the performance log.
Public methodSearchProperty
Searches the name of the objects specified in the query.
Public methodSearchReportArchives
Searches the report archives.
Public methodSearchReports
Searches the reports.
Public methodSearchScheduledTaskRuns
Search the scheduled task run table.
Public methodSearchScheduledTasks
Searches scheduled tasks.
Public methodSearchShopItems
Searches the shop items.
Public methodSearchShops
Searches shops for a reseller.
Public methodSearchShopsDetails
Searches shops for a reseller and returns only details.
Public methodSearchSubAccounts
Searches in sub accounts (only one level).
Public methodSearchSubscriptions
Searches the subscriptions.
Public methodSearchTasksToRun
Searches scheduled tasks (tasks to run).
Public methodSearchTaxProfiles
Gets the tax profiles.
Public methodSearchTemplates
Searches templates.
Public methodSendCreditedInvoices
Sends the credited invoices.
Public methodSendInvoices
Sends the invoices.
Public methodSendMail
Sends the mail.
Public methodSendMailToAccountOwner
Sends email to main address of customer account with template
Public methodSignup
Performs user signup with specified account data and for selected order.
Public methodTerminateAccount Obsolete.
Terminates the account.
Public methodTerminateAccountAfterRequest
Terminates the account which has termination request.
Public methodTerminateSubscription
Terminates the subscription.
Public methodTestDataSourceQuery
Tests the data source query.
Public methodUnsubscribeFromMailingList
Unsubscribes from mailing list.
Public methodUpdateAccount
Updates account.
Public methodUpdateAccountAddresses
Updates account's addresses.
Public methodUpdateAccountDetails
Updates the account details.
Public methodUpdateBillingReport
Updates the billing report.
Public methodUpdateBulkSendJob
Updates bulk send job.
Public methodUpdateBulkSendStatus
Updates the bulk send status.
Public methodUpdateCampaign
Update campaign
Public methodUpdateCreditedInvoice
Updates the credited invoice.
Public methodUpdateCurrency
Updates the currency.
Public methodUpdateCustomerReminder
Updates the customer reminder.
Public methodUpdateInvoice
Updates the invoice.
Public methodUpdateItem
Updates the item.
Public methodUpdateItemWithResellerPrices
Updates the item and reseller prices for all sub resellers of given reseller id.
Public methodUpdateMailingList
Updates the mailing list.
Public methodUpdateMessage
Updates the message.
Public methodUpdateOrder
Updates the order.
Public methodUpdatePackageConfiguration
Updates package configuration.
Public methodUpdatePayFileRecord
Updates the pay file record.
Public methodUpdatePayment
Updates the payment.
Public methodUpdatePaymentProfile
Modifies the payment profile.
Public methodUpdatePaymentTransaction
Updates payment transaction. Used to finish payment transaction.
Public methodUpdatePaymentTransactionObject
Updates payment transaction.
Public methodUpdatePluginConfiguration
Updates the plugin configuration.
Public methodUpdatePluginConfigurationValueById
Update plugin configuration value by plugin configuration id.
Public methodUpdateProvisioningPackage
Updates provisioning package which exists in provisioning description.
Public methodUpdateProvisioningService
Updates provisioning service which exists in provisioning description.
Public methodUpdateRefund
Updates the refund.
Public methodUpdateReportDataSource
Updates the report data source.
Public methodUpdateResellerCommissionStatus
Updates the reseller commission status.
Public methodUpdateScheduledTask
Updates a scheduled task.
Public methodUpdateScheduledTasks
Updates multiple scheduled tasks
Public methodUpdateSetting
Updates the setting.
Public methodUpdateShop
Updates the shop.
Public methodUpdateShopDetails
Updates the shop details only.
Public methodUpdateShopItem
Updates existing shop item.
Public methodUpdateShopItemCategory
Updates shop item category.
Public methodUpdateSubscription
Updates the subscription.
Public methodUpdateSubscriptionRenewalData
Updates the subscription renewal data.
Public methodUpdateTaxProfile
Updates the tax profile.
Public methodUpdateTaxProfiles
Updates the tax profiles.
Public methodUpdateTemplate
Updates the template.
Public methodUpdateUpgradeGroup
Updates the upgrade/downgrade group.
Public methodUpgradeGroupMemberCheckDowngradeOption
Upgrades the group member check downgrade option.
Public methodUpgradeSubscription
Upgrades the subscription.
Public methodUploadUsageReport
Uploads usage report.
Public methodValidateShop
Validates the shop.
Public methodValidateVatNumber
Validates the VAT number.
Public eventAccountAddressUpdated
Occurs when account address is updated.
Public eventAccountCreated
Occurs when account is created.
Public eventAccountPreCreated
Occurs when account is about to be created.
Public eventAccountPreTerminated
Occurs before account is terminated.
Public eventAccountPreUpdated
Occurs when account is about to be updated.
Public eventAccountTerminated
Occurs when account is terminated.
Public eventAccountTerminationRequestPostCreate
Occurs when account termination request is created.
Public eventAccountTerminationRequestPreCreate
Occurs when account termination request is about to be created.
Public eventAccountUpdated
Occurs when account is updated.
Public eventCreditInvoiceCreated
The credit invoice created event.
Public eventCreditInvoicePreCreated
Occurs before invoice is created.
Public eventCreditInvoicePreSent
Occurs when single credit invoice is about to be sent.
Public eventCustomerCreated
Occurs when customer is created.
Public eventCustomerStatusChanged
Occurs when customer status is changed.
Public eventHeartBeatEvent
Occurs when Ticker sends heart beat signal.
Public eventInvoiceCreated
Occurs when invoice is created.
Public eventInvoiceDeleted
Occurs when invoice is deleted.
Public eventInvoicePaid
Occurs when invoice is paid.
Public eventInvoicePreCreated
Occurs before invoice is created.
Public eventInvoicePreSent
Occurs when single invoice is about to be sent.
Public eventInvoicePreUpdated
Occurs before invoice is updated.
Public eventInvoiceSending
Occurs before invoices are sent.
Public eventInvoiceUpdated
Occurs when invoice is updated.
Public eventLatePaymentDetected
Occurs when payment is created after invoice due date.
Public eventOnAfterMessageCreated
Occurs after message is created.
Public eventOnAfterMessageUpdated
Occurs after message is updated.
Public eventOnBeforeMessageCreated
Occurs before message is created.
Public eventOnBeforeMessageUpdated
Occurs before message is updated.
Public eventOrderCalculated
Occurs when order is calculated.
Public eventOrderCreated
Occurs when order is created.
Public eventOrderPreCalculate
Occurs when order totals are about to be calculated.
Public eventOrderPreCreated
Occurs when order is about to be created.
Public eventOrderPreProcessed
Occurs before order is processed.
Public eventOrderProcessed
Occurs when order is processed.
Public eventOrderProcessedPreCreateInvoice
Occurs when order is processed, and before we should create an invoice for each subscription.
Public eventOrderProcessValidate
Occurs when order is validated during the processing.
Public eventOrderValidate
Occurs when order is validated.
Public eventPaymentCreated
` Occurs when payment is created.
Public eventPaymentFinished
Occurs when payment is finished.
Public eventPaymentPreCreated
Occurs when payment is about to be created.
Public eventSubscriptionChangedStatus
Occurs when Subscription is about to be updated (status changed).
Public eventSubscriptionCreated
Occurs when Subscription is created.
Public eventSubscriptionExtended
Occurs when subscription is extended.
Public eventSubscriptionForceProvisioned
Occurs when Subscription is force provisioned.
Public eventSubscriptionPreChangedPackage
Occurs when Subscription is about to be updated (status changed).
Public eventSubscriptionPreChangedStatus
Occurs when Subscription is updated (status changed).
Public eventSubscriptionPreCreated
Occurs when Subscription is about to be created.
Public eventSubscriptionPreTerminated
Occurs when Subscription is about to be terminated.
Public eventSubscriptionPreUpdated
Occurs when Subscription is about to be updated.
Public eventSubscriptionProvisionedOnPayment
Occurs when subscription is provisioned when payment is created.
Public eventSubscriptionProvisioningStatusChanged
Occurs when Subscription provisioning status is changed.
Public eventSubscriptionTerminated
Occurs when Subscription is terminated.
Public eventSubscriptionUpdated
Occurs when Subscription is updated.
Public eventUpgradeOrderCreated
Occurs when upgrade order is created.
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